Our Unique Approach

Fast and responsive operations management is the key to success in a competitive business environment. Green Power Guy (GPG) operations management relies on continuous know-how capitalization. Our lean approach promotes collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver innovative business solutions.

Our values

  1. Delight customers
  2. Deliver on commitments
  3. Do the right thing the first time
  4. Develop and make time for people
  5. Do more than is expected
  6. Improve someone’s life
  7. Make a difference

Our Brand Promise

Our brand promise is “The Ultimate Customer Experience”. It encapsulates our commitment to delivering products and solutions that are advanced and designed to meet the needs of all our clients, wherever in the world they may be.  It is about shaping tomorrow with you – is about shaping the future of society and business.  It describes our way of doing business, building on our long-term relationships with our customers and society.  We work with our clients, using our experience and resources to contribute to their success and to the future of society.

In creating our brand promise, we asked our customers and employees to share their thoughts on the essence of GPS, and we summarized their responses into our three key attributes:

  • Responsive
  • Ambitious
  • Genuine

The Green Power Guy brand promise forms the basis for all our activities.  The brand starts with our staff’s behavior. To ensure all team members truly understand and practice the core ideas of our brand, we implement brand education programs through e-learning and other brand training programs. In addition, a quarterly internal GPG brand newsletter shares our latest activities.

Our Strategy

We will:

  • Increase profitability through re-allocation of capital towards more consistent and higher returns
  • Leverage The Green Power Guy (GPG) brand and our core competencies in Clean Transportation Decarbonization and Sustainable Renewable Energy to grow in selected categories and geographies
  • Build partnerships with key customers and suppliers, both in the B2B and B2C areas
  • Continue to invest in world-class innovation and leverage our strong intellectual property position
  • Strengthen our leadership competencies
  • Drive productivity through business transformation and operational excellence
  • Dominate market share through aggressive marketing campaigns that have a high ROI