Our SOP Leadership Program

is divided into 5 distinct, measurable, attainable, field proven modules

  1. Business Development | Sales Activity Metrics | Sales Performance Improvement

    1. In-house Sales Team:  Training & Development at your site (Socratic Closing, Pitch, Objections, Order, Referrals)
    2. Outsourced Sales Team(s):  overhead, training, development, management
    3. Sales ROI:  Activity & Performance Management, Pipeline Metrics, Sales Cycle Time Analytics
    4. CRM Accountability:  SalesForce, Nimble, NetSuite, Oracle, SalesNexus
  2. Marketing & Advertising
    1. Collateral Material (Pitchbook, Presentations, Quotes, Proposals) & Support Documentation)
    2. S O PTarget Direct Marketing (Field Proven, Results Based)
    3. Canvassing (Phone, Door Knocking), Email Newsletter, Snailmail
    4. Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM, SWOT, 4P’s, Capital Integration, KPI)
    5. Financial Accountability:  5:1 ROI, TCO, 10:1 EVA, B | E, NPV & OCC
  3. Public Relations | Networking | Social Media
    1. Website (Upgrade, Renovation, Overhaul), 5 Tab WP Standard, Click-through Ratings
    2. Engagement with Search Engine Optimization | Marketing | Networking
    3. Community Outreach, Blog, Vlog, Quarterly Newsletter, Social Media (FB, TW, LI, G+)
    4. Brown Bag Lunch-N-Learns, Home Energy Seminars, Wine Bus Tours
  4. Operations & Strategy Development
    1. Performance Improvement:  Identify operational problems and plans for improvement
    2. Best Practices Analysis:  Technology, Workflow, Organizational, Change Management
    3. Outsourcing … Recruiting, AR/AP, HR, Transportation, Infrastructure/Support
    4. Processing, Transaction Coordination, Supply Chain, Logistics
    5. Procurement … Equipment, JIT Warehousing, Financing
    6. Technology, Communications, CRM, SAP, API
  5. Production Enhancement | Design Build Sustain
    1. Design, Engineering, Permit, Inspections, Job Card Sign-Off
    2. Project Management, Approval, Oversight (Activity & Time Management)
    3. Commissioning, Client End-User Staff Training, Lunch & Learns
    4. Field Proven Expert Advising:  Audit, Monitoring, Maintenance, Referral Networking

As you take your business to the next level … developing cohesion between Sales, Operations, and Production are the necessary first steps that an organization undertakes, for its road to success.  Your current way of doing business got you to where you are—but after a certain point, those practices may inhibit your company’s growth.  If you’re looking for a solid partner with a flexible approach and a strong track record, Now is the perfect time to send us an email or give us a call.