Experience Overcoming Your Sales Challenges

Customized Sales Training For Your Unique Sales Environment

Your culture, sales environment, target market, and sales scenarios are unique. That means the only sales training that will really “stick” with your sales people — aka, the only kind that will get results — is sales training that’s customized to you.

But as unique as your sales environment may be, your *real* sales challenges probably aren’t unique.

And what you really need is a sales training organization with success helping other companies overcome these same challenges. Proven solutions that have gotten results for people facing the exact challenges you’re facing, that can then be customized for your unique sales environment, so they can get results for you.

The Green Power Guy understands common sales challenges and offers proven solutions, customized to work in your unique environment and culture.

How To Know If You Are Facing a Sales Challenge We Specialize In Solving?

Is the language your sales team uses consistent across the entire sales team?

If your forecasting is inaccurate and your sales managers aren’t giving you a clear understanding of what’s really getting done in the field, the root problem may well be an inconsistent sales language and sales process. Productive conversations about the sales process only happen when everyone uses common and consistent language. A common terminology is at the heart of a common process. Sales reps and sales managers marching towards a common goal need a common language.

Do you have highly technical salespeople who don’t always think commercially?

Technical experts in sales positions provide a wealth of critical product knowledge to your buyers. Often their focus on product features is at the expense of a focus on the strategic benefits the prospective customers values. Sales people who focus on what’s valuable to the customer get more sales opportunities and win more often.

Is there an external disruptor in your sales environment or market?

Government regulations, military cuts, or unpredicted shifts in the marketplace require an updated sales strategy. When your organization is forced to sell new solutions to new customers, you need a plan and the right sales process. Only once your sales team is skilled-up and strategically aligned can you make that transition successful.

Do you have sales reps reluctant to sell new solutions?

Markets evolve, as do your offerings. Some sales reps become accustomed to selling the same old product, market, or customer base and that is where they are comfortable. Mastering new solutions is uncomfortable and therefore resisted. New solutions can make the difference between success and failure in new markets. New solutions can also make the difference between low and and high margin sales.

Have you been part of a merger that combined sales teams with different sales processes?

When two or more sales teams are combined they are forced to combine different leadership, selling, and behavioral styles. A common sales process unifies the different sales cultures. When everyone is marching in the same direction you achieve your goals.

Are your sales managers leading and coaching effectively?

Managers should be coaching reps. Without the right processes it doesn’t happen. And without hiring the right people to begin with, coaching can be an exercise in futility. The right assessment and sales process makes effective coaching an organizational strength. The assessments ensure you not only hire the right people, but also understand how to motivate and communicate with them once they’re on your team. And the right sales process puts in place a system for regular and consistent measurement, evaluation and feedback. Combined, they enable your sales managers to achieve consistent and regular improvements month over month and year over year.

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