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Sales Training, Sales Management, and Sales Assessments

At Green Power Systems (GPS) we are passionate about helping our clients unleash their sales potential.  As a leader in sales training and consulting, we help salespeople, managers, and professionals increase their sales significantly with our sales consulting, coaching, and training services. Bottom line: 85% of our clients increase ROI by greater than 47% within 6 months!   GPS provides:

  1. In-house Sales Team:  Training & Development at your site (Socratic Closing, Pitch, Objections, Order, Referrals)
  2. Outsourced Sales Team:  Overhead, Training, Development, Management
  3. Sales ROI:  Activity & Performance Management, Pipeline Metrics, Sales Cycle Time Analytics
  4. CRM Accountability:  SalesForce, Nimble, NetSuite, Oracle, SalesNexus

We offer our clients proven, best practice tools in an easy to implement sales methodology, with industry leading reinforcement and accountability systems, as-well-as sales management training for performance coaching … all geared toward producing long-term, sustainable results.

How would it impact your sales results if you could move your C players to B players; move your B players to A players; and better support and A player team?  Wish your salespeople could perform better? Stop wishing and start training!

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In-house Sales Team:  Maximize your Sales Team Effectiveness

The GPS sales training program is real world tested and is customized based on your company’s best practices to provide measurable impact.  By conducting sales team training with GPS you will improve your sales team performance.  Many of our clients have experienced the following benefits from our sales training program:

  • Increased revenues and profitability
  • Increased market share
  • Improved customer retention levels
  • Increased sales per customer
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Faster sales cycles
  • Improved employee retention
  • Decreased turnover

What You Can Expect:  Our Sales training programs play out much like an athletic team practice session, where players and coaches work together to learn, practice, and master the effective best practices of your company’s top performers.

Playbook:  We develop a customized curriculum for every training, and a guide that includes your company specific best practices and useful sales tools.  The guide serves as the sales team member’s official playbook that can be referred back to often for reinforcement after the sales training course is completed.

Fundamentals and Best Practices:  Training program participants practice various client-specific scenarios and practice real-life situations to improve sales skills such as building rapport, setting a sales meeting agenda, asking questions, overcoming objections and closing sales.

Rehears:  As segments of the sales training program are completed, sales team members relentlessly drill new best-practice behaviors, so that great sales skills become part of the foundations of technique

Top Down Commitment:  As part of the sales training program, sales managers learn how to reinforce the best practices to ensure lasting execution.

Scoreboard:  After training is complete, we can help you measure your results, stay the course, and keep your sales force on track.


Outsourced Sales Team:  Increase Results

GPS has been building dedicated sales teams for large and small clients across the US since 1997. Our commitment to every client is to Generate Immediate Revenue, Protect Your Brand, and Provide Sales Intelligence so you can make executive decisions. We have comprehensive sales training programs that are focused on increasing our clients revenue and reducing their cost of sales.  We build dedicated Business-to-Business, Door-to-Door, Feet on the Street and Inside Sales Teams that exceed our clients goals.


GPS is known for its experience and technical ingenuity.  We are trusted because of our field-proven track record in successfully delivering solutions that outperform expectations.  To turn your goals and expectations into successful solutions, GPS merges technical ability with business sense.  If you’re in an industry with a complex sale, we can provide you:
  • Quicker and more efficient market penetration strategy
  • Reduce cost-of-sales from salaries, benefits and travel
  • Eliminate tools costs: phones, CRM, laptops, ect.
  • Find the best formula for sales with an iterative approach
  • Leverage the latest sales methods and tools
  • Direct accountability to the C-Suite. No excuses, just increased sales
  • A Return On Investment of 5-8x, minimum!
  • No headaches!

Get the most out of our sales teams. Many companies realize the team has the potential to sell more, but every company has their own path to achieve results. We can help you find yours.

Identify the sales potential of individuals. Not all people have the same potential or need to improve in the same areas. Sales assessments are critical for hiring and training the best sales teams.

Grow existing accounts. There’s a huge untapped opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell, and grow existing accounts. We’ll help you grow your revenue with accounts by maximizing the value you bring to them across all of your products, services, and capabilities.

Develop professionals into rainmakers. We will help you implement a culture of business development success across your entire firm, and create a team of top-performing closers.