Sales Management Training

To Develop Real-World Sales Coaching Skills

Can you talk to the lowest-performing member of your sales team about the status of a prospective sale and walk away knowing:

  1. Exactly where they are within a defined sales process?
  2. Precisely what needs to happen next in order to move the prospect forward?
  3. What tools or help you can provide your sales rep to help close the sale faster and more successfully?

No? What about your mid-level performers?

The process of changing that situation involves effective sales management training, coaching tools and techniques along with real-world sales management and hiring strategies designed to put you back in full control of your team’s performance.

With the Right Sales Management Training

You Can Coach Them Through the Sale Itself

Whether it’s tracking contacts, keeping a count on the number of sales calls and presentations made or even next meetings scheduled, most sales managers are only tracking the activities surrounding the sale, rather than actually helping their people sell more effectively.

Why?  Because of 2 dirty truths:

  1. Without a defined sales process that actually works for your unique selling environment, there’s no way to effectively navigate through the sale, let alone to coach anyone on how to do it more effectively.  That leaves most OJT or real-world training dependent upon a shotgun approach of scattered tips or “watch how I do it” ride-alongs.
  2. Sales managers are unknowingly allowing middle and low-performers define the sales culture for the entire team.  Effective, purposeful selling is a thrill, but it’s rarely the easiest, most comfortable or most intuitive option at any point in the sales process.  And 90% of sales professionals aren’t psychologically suited to the profession.  So, managers track activity to ensure motion on the part of their average team members, rather than actively coaching mid-level performers on how to become stars.

Imagine you could clone your own sales skills or those of your top-selling superstar.  Within a few months, everyone on your team would experience 85-90% of the sales success of your top performer.  How hard would you have to work?  What would your team’s numbers start to look like?

Getting from here to there means sales management training and coaching through a defined, street-proven sales process and reforming your team’s sales culture around the attitudes and mindsets of your high performers.  And we have both sets of tools to get you there.

The Ability to Clone Sales Success

GPG’s sales process has been proven over 22+ years of client success, and is guaranteed to provide you with sales management training that shows you the roadmap and gives you tools to do effective curbside coaching and to redefine how your people spend their days.  You’ll be amazed at how fast your mid-level performers will start posting top-level sales numbers.

Managing salespeople is easy when you’re helping them win commissions. Give them the secrets of getting through the normal sticking points – the things that keep them from winning the sale – and they become all ears.

And that’s The GPG approach – our selling process focuses on the practical know-how of moving sales through each stage of the prospect’s buying process. Things like how to:

  • Prepare for the meeting so that your salespeople impress the prospect with how much they understand and “get” their situation
  • Address the prospect’s personal desires that normally hide below the surface, and how to use those wants-based insights to ensure an open mind when it comes to selling needs-based benefits
  • Set up success in later stages by properly positioning yourself at early stages
  • Use “templated” interactions to smoothly move the sale to the next stage
  • Avoid getting bogged down with additional fact finding or beaten-up on price

When you know the stages buyers move through and what your people have to do at each stage, you can actually manage the sales effort with predictable results.

As with any part of life, when you implement a real, linked sales process, bottom-line results become much more predictable and bankable. Your sales cycle will shrink and your cash flow will skyrocket.

And the best part of this? When you partner with The Green Power Guy, we can deliver the follow-up coaching and reinforcement to give your people hands-on training while making the implementation process easy for you!

The Green Power Guy Can Help Unleash the Sales Potential of Your Team

Check Out Our Sales Management Training … You’ll learn:

  • How to master the art of sales coaching
  • How to attract and identify sales champions
  • Ways to accurately measure your organization’s sales goals and performance

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