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seomnGreen Power Guy Anthony De Vito explains how to shape a high-performance culture, generate and focus corporate energy, build a team,  and how to let the world know who the organization is by branding itself inside and out.

Living the brand promise is more then  just being informed about the latest social media.   Our unique approach taps the deeply-held understanding of search-engine-optimization (SEO), search-engine-marketing (SEM), and search-engine-networking (SEN) as a foundation upon which to build a socially networked brand-supportive cultural.  We explore social media as, “a collective set of habits used by a group of people to get things done”.  This workshop informs builds upon habits can be changed into behaviors that will get the right things done.This workshop establishes a visceral understanding that:

  • Brand communication is not enough
  • SEO, SEM, SEN championed processes drive brand support “within a crowd” as an essential success factor
  • Social Media needs to drive critical success factors such as: ROI, NPV, TCO, and EVA

Leadership, Brand Alignment, And Strategy In The Social Media Culture

A balanced approach to inspirational-leadership and process-discipline takes brand awareness to the next level—beyond advertising and promotion towards altering the attitude and behavior of people inside and outside of social media and crowds.  The “aligning culture” workshop helps organizations enhance the customer’s total experience, maximize operating effectiveness and grow shareholder value.

The desired outcome is to have all departments and every employee committed to supporting a publicly declared brand promise.   Values are capable of much more than declaring expectations and making feel good statements in the annual report—peak performance cultures know how to use them as a powerful performance tool.

The OMN Workshop explains that every customer, employee, and supplier, harbors within them, a five year old that will never grow up.  This is the dimension of the human experience that houses passion, creativity, and trust—but it can also fill with skepticism, anger, or fear.  This workshop explains how to shape the attitude and behavior of customers and employees in support of the organizations brand promise.

How to develop and support the  brand promise:

  • engage senior management as culture champions
  • inspire the five year old living in every customer and employe
  • establish behavioral boundaries that will hold people accountable
  • use the brand promise as your corporate north star
  • focus visions of the preferred future (help employees paint themselves into the picture)

Develop signaling skills—learn to:

  • recognize a cultural-value contribution in a way that inspires
  • maintain the momentum by making brand support everybody’s business
  • conduct performance redirection sessions to eliminate brand damaging behavior
  • deliver a succinct yet powerful brand message

Use process discipline to:

  • generate corporate energy                    
  • eliminate waste and rework
  •  provide ongoing cultural reinforcement
  • on-board new media sources of successful outreach