The Green Power Guy invests the time, up front, to discover the nuances that define your unique sales environment. That allows us to tailor a customized training program around your team, your marketplace, your opportunities, and your challenges. Based on your unique situation, we use some or all of these tools to understand your environment prior to live training:

Sales Ride-Alongs & Field Observations

We send our consultants into the field with your reps and managers to uncover gaps in skills, areas of strengths and your marketplace realities. These observations are translated into an executive summary designed to drive the customization process.

Personal And Positional Assessments

Gaining a deep understanding of your people and your sales positions is crucial to delivering a best-in-class engagement. Using our proprietary assessment tools, we get a handle on your sales force from the people perspective and tell you if you have the right people in the right places.

Conduct Sales Force Alignment Audit

Understanding perceptions inside of your sales force is fundamental to preparing for a successful training initiative. Our anonymous Alignment Audit has been carefully designed to uncover gaps and challenges between your management team and front-line sales reps.

Interview with Senior Leadership, Field Managers and Salespeople

Our consultants essentially conduct a 360 on your sales organization from the perspective of all interested parties. We uncover where you are today and how we’ll need to work with you to achieve your objectives over the long-term.

Participate in Account Reviews

Whether or not players inside of your sales organization can effectively discuss opportunities and challenges inside of select accounts is a powerful indicator of the overall health of your sales organization. Account review audits will give us powerful baseline information about existing skillsets.

Interview Your Customers

There’s simply no better source of information than your prospects and customers. Our consultants can get to the bottom of what your customer base really wants from your solution — and your salespeople.

Executive Debrief

Finally, we debrief your executives and recommend the next steps for your sales force optimization plan. We combine our insight into your unique needs with our best-in-class proven sales process, curriculum design expertise, and professional sales and sales management systems. It’s that process that creates a customized experience that delivers lasting, transformational change within your organization. Transformational change requires a holistic approach, and it goes beyond two days in a classroom.

The Green Power Guy Can Help Unleash the Sales Potential of Your Team

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