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Harness the Power of Achievement to Get Off Your Intentions

workshopGreen Power Guy keynote speeches are embraced by teams who achieve the highest levels of success that few would ever dare imagine.  What do all these different people have in common? An incredible passion for life, and a hunger and a commitment to never settle for less than they can be. They want more: more for their company, department and teams.  The want more for their families, communities, themselves, and all those they have the privilege to touch.  They are compelled to search out, find, and learn from the best. That same search has driven Anthony De Vito for 20-plus years.  Now is the time to hear our call with one of our motivational keynote addresses.

No matter what a person’s status or level of achievement in society, those who have reached the pinnacle of success in life do not sit on their laurels once they’ve reached the top. They keep striving for more. The one core characteristic they share is hunger for personal development.  We are committed to providing the best experience available for creating an extraordinary event that captures your customized specific message.

Green Power Guy’s message is based upon one fundamental premise: To achieve real, lasting, powerful results — to completely transform the quality of your life, for your team, now and forever — you must adopt new ways of thinking, feeling and acting … Our call to action is to “Get Off Your Intentions“.

The New Era of Global Skills Imbalances

Today’s business climate is one of global skills gaps. New technology, shifting markets, social media, and changing demographics mean that manufacturers, service providers, telecommunications companies, technology companies, healthcare providers, and many other industries live and die by their junior management’s skill sets. As companies further complete and expand their businesses market-share, the ability to build skills has become a deep competitive advantage.  Now is the best time to further outsource your leadership development resources, and we are here to help you.

What is the difference between those who succeed — who thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, even in the most difficult times — and those who are suffering? Successful individuals take a different quality of action. They have a different quality of thinking and emotion that guides their actions and gets them to follow through. They question how to get motivated. They feed their minds with the best-quality personal development products, tools, strategies, information and inspiration available. Most of all, they are hungry. They never stop. Their focus is on how to create and maintain momentum. With that kind of drive, they will always succeed.

You need to listen to new voices; you must ask new questions; you must put yourself into new states of thinking and feeling. You must take new actions, get new results, and thereby gain new perspectives. The process of how to get motivated and what to do with that motivation looks like this:

Everyone has unlimited potential within themselves, but unless that potential is fed by the best beliefs, attitudes and resources, it remains untapped. Once you feed your mind and adopt new, empowering beliefs and attitudes, you will activate your potential for greater and greater results. When you put that potential to the test by taking consistent, powerful action, you will watch your results grow exponentially, which in turn increases the positive and powerful beliefs and attitudes you hold about yourself and your ability to succeed. These new beliefs and attitudes will unleash even more of your potential, leading to better actions, better results, and on and on. This spiral of success builds incredible momentum. It will allow you to compress decades of effort into months, even days. And very soon you’ll find that the goals you considered merely dreams are now your daily reality. Wondering how to get motivated to lose weight, or how to get motivated to exercise? The answers are within your reach.

possibleBut to build and maintain momentum, you must relentlessly seek out and model the strategies, techniques, beliefs, tools and ideas of the best of the best, and then you must continually put into practice what you have learned about how to get and stay motivated. You must combine the highest standards with the firmest beliefs and the greatest commitment to consistent action. And for that, you need someone who has walked the path of success and who can share with you the secrets of creating and sustaining massive results. You need a mentor who will be with you every step of the way, encouraging you and helping you to find the inner drive that will keep you racing toward your goals no matter what.

piecesNOW is the perfect time to allow us to help you transforms your team

In less time than you might expect, you’ll discover yourself thinking, feeling, and acting differently.  Your team will produce results that exceed your quarterly goals, and you’ll discover the power of momentum in your net margins. Listening to Anthony, your company will feel as if you have a friend who knows you better than you know yourself, who sees more greatness and potential in you than you ever thought possible, and who inspires, leads, and pushes your team to create the outstanding success your shareholders so richly deserve.