Facility Optimization


Getting the maximum Return On Investment of your energy usage and infrastructure is vital to your competitiveness.  The energy costs of running your facilities typically offset and may soon overtake your plant improvement investment costs.  The GPG Optimization Assessment service is designed to increase your power efficiency and so drive operational and capital stewardship that is aligned with your sustainability policy implementation and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

We provide an integrated set of business processes, tools and capabilities to change energy-consuming behaviors, reduce energy costs, improve supply predictability and reliability and manage associated risks.


Our Approach

Our optimization services increase power efficiency, lowering the cost of your facility and infrastructure operations and management. In addition, the service provides a credible, independent assessment to support your sustainability strategy and enable you to meet regulatory compliance needs.

Our assessments are tailored to meet the needs of your individual organization and may involve any of the following:

  • Facility Assessments – to clearly determine the factors which affect the energy efficiency of your operations, and to make qualified recommendations for optimizing the efficiency of your facilities and energy usage
  • Measurement and Metrics – to enable ongoing management and continuous improvement, including such de-facto standards as Power Usage Effectiveness, Carbon Usage Effectiveness, and Facilities Data Maturity Model evaluation
  • Energy Management Systems  – to obtain the right balance between space, power and consumption. From the placement of hardware, right up to the many factors impacting energy demand
  • Time Of Use Meter Simulation – to instantly predict your power consumption change based on data centers and building wide air-conditioning controls, using real, variable workloads
  • Facility Energy Certification – to bring rising energy costs under control while assisting you in optimizing your energy efficiency
  • On-site Inspection and Measurement – to reveal additional opportunities for optimizing energy efficiency that require minimal expense or can be implemented through changes in operational management


Energy Optimization

Take a closer look at our advanced energy auditing

For those clients wishing to make use of our energy audit services, our advanced analysis tools are designed and managed under a stringent set of environmental principles. Utilizing our facilities allows your business to significantly reduce the energy consumption and thus decrease business costs.

Green Power Guy takes monitoring services to a higher level with energy optimization services that help ensure that your building systems are functioning as efficiently as possible.  Helping you achieve optimal energy savings much higher than current savings.

We work with our clients  from the get-go to make savings goals, and then we follow up with a suite of reports for monitoring and analyzing equipment efficiency, usage tracking and notes on energy anomalies.  We continue our service with regular consultation for improving building performance and recommendations to ensure benchmarks can be achieved.

Green Power Guy solutions include:

  • Increased system effectiveness to provide additional energy savings (typically an additional 3 to 5% above already realized savings)
  • Saving goals that are followed by regular reports on performance
  • Recommendations and adjustments to energy systems based on system performance