The Golden Triangle is Going Green

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Green Power Systems announced today that they have supplied Vista Sorrento, LLC with a solar electric solution that converts their roof into a 146 kilowatt (kW) solar electric generating system. Vista Sorrento, LLC, features a family of public mutual funds with performance-based Sub-Adviser compensation, also commonly known as fulcrum fees. Allocation portfolios are available individually or as part of a turnkey asset management program.

The solar generating station is comprised of custom steel frame roof mounted structures that support a 635 Trina Solar 230 watt photovoltaic panels. These solar panels convert sunlight into clean energy. By transforming its existing roofing area into a solar generating station, Vista Sorrento, LLC has taken an active role in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that it will emit into the atmosphere by offsetting the electrical load of the hospital. The solar generating station has a peak rated output of about 215,005 kWh per year.

Vista Sorrento, LLC utilizes their existing roof to capture the region’s ample sunlight so that the same panels that capture the sun will also offer additional shading of the roof, further reducing electric costs to cool the building during the summer months, an added value feature in San Diego.

About Vista Sorrento, LLC: Vista Sorrento, LLC works with financial advisers to create and deliver highly-disciplined wealth management solutions combined with access to some of the industry’s top tier institutional money managers, whose expertise is typically not available to the public through other retail mutual fund platforms.
About Green Power Systems: Green Power Systems is a leader in the solar marketplace, project managing commercial and residential solar panels in Southern California. Utilizing the most efficient solar energy panels, Green Power Systems enables its customers to realize immediate and long-term saving while generating their own clean, renewable power. For more information, please visit www.GreenPowerSystems.ORG.

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