Sustainability Benefits

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Can you afford an energy assessment, or an energy-efficiency plan? Really, you can’t afford not to have one. We target and often identify as much as 30% reductions in our clients energy use at ROI’s of 50% or more. Our fees are a fraction of these cost savings. If you could find a savings account or a 401k with this high of a return, would you pass up the opportunity? Unlikely. Not only does efficiency make sense as an investment, it reduces your carbon footprint. Efficiency brings you the largest carbon reduction for your dollar. Moreover, in a world were there is increasing risk associated with energy use, efficiency is the least expensive, most robust form of risk mitigation.

To ensure that you achieve the energy and cost savings you are investing in, Green Power Systems offers expert advise and unbiased information. Our clients receive cutting-edge as well as off-the-shelf solutions. They also receive personal attention. We are a regional firm that values our clients.

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Cost Savings

Green Power Guy’s services typically pay for themselves through energy reduction and cost savings. For example, for our energy assessments we set a goal of identifying opportunities to reduce our clients’ energy costs by 30%, and we regularly meet this target. Moreover, these cost savings can be implemented economically. We find many opportunities with simple paybacks of about 1 to 4 years, and many less than 6 months. The return-on-investment of these opportunities thus ranges from about 25% to well over 100%.

With such high returns, energy efficiency is one of best, if not the best, investment opportunities available. The financial returns of an energy efficiency project likely outpace your savings account, 401k and stock investments.

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Reduced CO2 Impact

Reducing energy use saves more than just energy and money. Energy reduction also reduces your CO2 emissions, and thus your global warming impact. Energy efficiency gets you the most carbon emissions for your dollar, by far. For example, purchasing renewable energy credits, installing renewable energy or offsetting through carbon emissions credits all carry costs. Because energy efficiency reduces costs, it is like paying yourself to reduce your carbon emissions.

Simply put, if your goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, then investing in energy efficiency will have the greatest impact, and is thus the best thing to do first. Moreover, savings from energy efficiency can help finance later projects in renewable energy.

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Cutting-Edge Solutions

Green Power Guy brings more than just state-of-the-shelf knowledge to your facility. We are actively involved in developing new, cost-effective and advanced solutions for energy efficiency. For example, our Green Power Systems are one-of-a-kind, and we have a national client base. Our methodology for identifying low-cost savings in industry, lean energy, helps us discover thousands of dollars of energy savings for no or low-cost, when other engineers would just walk on by. Our hybrid approach to creating utility allowances provides more accurate allowance estimates without a fee increase. Our attention to passive solar design will help buildings toward the goal of net-zero energy. Our heavy focus on measuring data, as opposed to using assumptions, helps us identify more opportunities than other firms. In all, Green Power Guy is committed to developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions that deliver greater energy savings at lower costs.

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Personal Attention

Green Power Guy provides custom solutions. Each of our clients is different, with different facilities, different staff skill sets, and a different set of challenges. To deliver accurate, quality information, it is imperative that we work closely with our clients.  We believe findings are stronger when the client staff has an involved role. We do not blindly assess a facility without understanding the constraints of the building operators, the maintenance staff, the occupants, or other stakeholders. Moreover, these same facility stakeholders often have their own valid ideas on how to reduce energy use which should be taken into consideration.

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