Retail EV and Parking (Credit Cards)

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Make Your Location a Destination for EV Drivers

Electric vehicle sales are increasing by 33% every year, with a projected 35 million EVs on the road by 2020. EVs are no longer a niche segment of the automobile market, but are becoming the primary form of transportation for numerous Americans every year. As a retailer, you should be asking yourself how you can capitalize on this trend towards clean transportation.

Common sense suggests that as more people embrace clean transportation, a growing number of your customers will be arriving at your establishment in an electric car. A key way to establish an ongoing relationship with this new wave of customers is by providing them with a valuable service – a place to charge their car.

EV charging stations do more than just provide a valuable service to customers. They are also a visual indication of your company’s commitment to sustainability and a great way to convey a 21st century, cutting-edge image.

Why Should Retailers Install EV Charging Stations?

Some of the benefits of installing EV charging stations include:

  • Providing a valuable service to EV drivers
  • Showing consumers that you’re serious about sustainability and clean transportation
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of your store with high-tech charging stations
  • Providing a way to market to a new “eco-friendly” demographic
  • Helping establish a positive relationship with EV drivers

The New Series 8 EV Charging Station for Retail

Designed & Built for Retail – NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.

EV Drivers Can Pay With

The Most Flexible and Convenient Solution Available

We designed The Series 8 EV Charging Station for commercial applications where drivers are likely to pay with a credit card. With our built-in credit card reader, drivers don’t need a network membership to charge their vehicle. This is perfect for all commercial applications, including shopping malls, hospitals, municipal parking, and any retail location.


  • Two EV charging plugs / supports two parking spots
  • Easily implement desired pricing policy: Duration-based (hourly), Time-of-Use, and kWh
  • Credit card reader accepts all major credit cards
  • Supports physical and contactless payment options
  • Create access policies for public, private, or multi-group
  • Sharing features include:
    • Real-time availability
    • Station waitlist feature
    • Alerts / notifications
    • Charging status
  • Smart card authentication
  • Pay with PlugShare
  • Large display delivers instructions, rates, and details
  • Video camera for future applications (e.g. vandalism, theft)
  • Optional cable management system

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