Get Off Your Intentions

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Building Success Through People, Purpose, & Performance

In today’s dynamic global economy, the ability to be agile and responsive to variable business cycles is more important than ever before. Overcoming competitive environments and the change agents that follow along this market place could never be a higher priority than right now. Information and the interactions around it have become the key assets of most enterprises, and making correct decisions in shrinking cycle times is the defining operating characteristic of winning companies.

The market imperative to access the right information and people at the right time has led to an increased interest in building a next-generation enterprise workplace environment where users conduct day-to-day business tasks. Such a workplace leverages green renewable energy technologies toward transitioning the company to a cost saving, forward thinking social fabric that ties together people, ideas, content, processes, and solutions.

Change is constant, and it’s impacting everyone. Going green is one of the things that helps you to change the circumstances around you. And sometimes that changes everything. When new attitudes and habits meet the skills and knowledge you already possess, anything is possible. Thought-provoking, energizing, humorous, and practical are all words used to describe this power-packed keynote. This explosive keynote explores the seven core competencies needed to connect individuals and organizations in order to heighten productivity and to maximize both personal and professional success. After this inspirational session, you will stop avoiding change and rather welcome it as a necessary change agent.

Feeling connected, balanced and integrated are pivotal elements of remaining professionally centered and focused as many life changes arrive and intensify. If you are seeking focus and tools for experiencing balance as you open to your highest possibilities, the workshops of Anthony De Vito may be the perfect inspiration for you, as he customizes these workshops tailored specifically for your industry and your company. After a brief online interview process Anthony will present several wonderful choices in developing your staff as you work toward specific goals within the rapidly unfolding dramatics of our current economic challenges. He personally believes that the changing market place is an excellent opportunity to reduce costs and help your company become more agile. A central goal is for your team to feel more connected, balanced and integrated, as they push forward to clearly defined best practices that improve your bottom line. Whether it’s connecting with our customers to improve their service experience or the strategic business plan and objectives for the coming year, the foundation for success starts with GETTING OFF YOUR INTENTIONS.

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