Company Overview

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A trusted and highly knowledgeable partner for homeowners, business, architects, designers, and builders, in the world of Clean Transportation and Sustainable Renewable Energy.

Our duty is to develop and manage structures of superior quality and value with integrity, do work we are proud of, and continuously improve how we build through the innovation of our skilled people.  We are open to individual ideas and are committed to bringing social and economic value to our communities. GPS has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for our clients, employees and community.

Our company has packed a lot into a relatively young industry.  Since Green Power Systems was founded, GPS has grown to serve many hundreds of clients throughout the Southwestern United States.  Our goal remains to consistently stay ahead of the market place in developing and commercializing new technologies — from incremental improvements to radically new approaches — as long as those technologies address the next-generation performance needs of our customers.

Our expertise includes:

  • Deal generation: We work alongside investors to develop the right investment thesis and enhance deal flow by profiling industries, screening targets and devising a plan to approach targets.
  • Due diligence: We help investors make better deal decisions by performing due diligence, assessing revenue growth and cost-reduction opportunities to determine a target’s full potential, and providing a clear post-acquisition agenda.
  • Value Creation Plan: Immediately after an acquisition we support the pursuit of rapid returns by developing strategic blueprints for acquired companies, leading workshops that align management with strategic priorities and directing focused initiatives. During the ownership phase, we help increase the value of portfolio companies by supporting revenue enhancement and cost-reduction initiatives and refreshing their value-creation plans.
  • Exit planning: We help ensure that investors maximize returns by preparing for exit, identifying the optimal exit strategy, preparing the selling documents and prequalifying buyers.
  • Firm and sector strategies: Working jointly with private equity firms, we help them develop a tailored strategy for continued excellence, and sharpen their focus on specific industry sectors.
  • Institutional investor strategy: We work with institutional investors to develop top-performing alternative investment programs, including private equity, real estate and infrastructure asset classes. We also help them expand their participation in alternative assets through co-investment and direct investing opportunities.

GPS Green Power Systems provides a full range of services to support private equity, financial investors and portfolio companies.  GPS is a private equity, infrastructure, and debt investor primarily focused on clean transportation decarbonization and sustainable renewable energy.  Our mission is to create long-term value for our investors, shareholders, and lenders through the careful stewardship of their capital. We finance/underwrite both short-term and long-term projects that support innovation as well as accelerate the development and deployment of car charging, solar panels, and energy management to include:  EVCS Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, PV PhotoVoltaics, EMS Energy Management Solutions, ESS Energy Storage Systems, FCEV Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, and BEV Battery Electric Vehicles.

More and more drivers are buying electric vehicles because of economic, environmental, and geo-political issues.  Some of those drivers show up to, and leave, your parking lot without an ability to charge.  We are here to help. Established in 2002, GPS has evolved into one of the leading industry experts in the Southwestern United States and have built a reputation for our exceptional quality of knowledge base, best in class customer service, and field-proven measured results.  Our corporate headquarters are located in Los Angeles California, with regional offices in San Diego, Palm Springs, Orlando FL, and Newark NJ.  By combining our outstanding product lines with in-depth knowledge, support services, financing opportunities, and custom turnkey solutions, you can be sure that GPS is your best choice.

GPS is here to provide you electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for commercial workplace, enterprise, hospitality, fleet, entertainment venues, stadiums, REIT, property owners, healthcare, retailers, and parking lot facilities.  GPS connects you to one of the industry’s most robust and flexible cloud-based platforms for the management of charging stations and the drivers that use them.  Your platform will provide charge station-agnostic command & control; enterprise and energy systems integration via an open API; driver communications and support; and demand-response functionality across multiple charging networks.

GPS Facts


  • Founded in 2002 in San Diego, California.  Incorporated in 2007 in Los Angeles.
  • By 2008 GPS began to expand in to nearby regional state markets to include Nevada and Arizona.
  • GPS is known for several firsts that helped change the industry pioneering such revolutionary business practices as the one-price system (all sales at one fixed price to every customer), quoting manufacturer direct specific wholesale pricing, and bumper to bumper no cost full warranties (hardware, software, cloud-based apps, labor, shipping, everything). Known for its creative custom turnkey design and engineering.  GPS was one of the first to introduce a detailed owner’s manual; energy seminars, building inspector seminars, and well as utility consumer action support.

Jobs completed

  • 541+ clients
  • 34,000+ solar panels
  • as of February, 2022

Markets Served

Strategic planning, financial analysis, site auditing, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) support services. Building C-level relationships and providing program solutions and service first management for existing and developing Class A properties, offices, corporations, public, parking, medical, retail, hotels/hospitality, municipalities, utilities, and multi-unit dwellings.

  • Charging Stations:  Sales, Marketing & Business Development Leader specializing in clean transportation, fuel pathway carbon credits, and sustainable renewable energy to reduce transportation emissions of light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. Field proven expert in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) levels 1, 2, 2+, & 3 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure (HRI), Electric Vehicles (EV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV), Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and Photovoltaics (PV).
  • Photovoltaic PV Solar Electric Panels:  Residential • Commercial • Agricultural• Industrial • Governmental • Public • Agricultural• Commercial • Agricultural• Commercial • Agricultural
  • Batteries & Generators:  Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems (ESS).• Automatic Transfer Station ATS Generators • Back-up Battery Systems • Emergency Supply Equipment
  • Project Managing Director:  Clean Transportation, Energy Management, Leadership, and Sustainability Consulting for Property Owners, Developers, Managers, Directors, C-Level Executives
  • Integrated Technologies:  Internet based SMART Access, Control, Security, Monitoring, HVAC, Lighting, Appliances, and more


To continue increasing our operations in the competitive markets … we focus our low-risk strategy of engineering, procurement, and construction of quality generation assets under long-term contracts with creditworthy counterparts.  Clean Transportation | Sustainable | Renewable | Energy Consulting Services provide an unmatched combination of information, insight, and expertise, to customize a turnkey solution to meet your greatest strategic and operational challenges.


14241 E. Firestone Blvd., Suite 400, La Mirada, CA . 90638
Toll Free Voice: 855.202.1976 | Toll Free Fax: 877.846.0402

Los Angeles

2554 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 578, Venice, CA 90291
(v) 310.487.2556

Palm Springs

4881 Winners Circle, Suite F, Palm Springs, CA 92264
(v) 760.536.6777

Las Vegas

7181 N. Hualapai Way, Suite 130 – 840, Las Vegas, NV . 89166
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