9.87% Return on Your Money

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9.87% Return on Your Money … Guaranteed!

You now have a choice … you can have NO ELECTRIC BILL


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The Numbers 


1) You purchase one or more solar electric panels for a complete installed turnkey cost of $700 per solar panel (this includes all of the equipment, wire, conduit, breakers, installation labor, taxes, permits, everything).  They are branded with an identifiable serial number specific to you.

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2) Your solar electric panels, along with other buyers/panels are combined into a larger array (Community Solar Program) at a local business, who buys the electricity from GPS through a 25 year power purchase agreement.  Since the solar panels are in a combined larger array at a local business; there are no extra costs or fees to you for monitoring, maintenance, processing, or insurance.


3) You are paid a guaranteed 9.87% annual return on your money for the life of the solar panels; which are expected to last at least 30-40 years (with a 25 year manufacturer warranty).  Your solar panels are a transferable, hard asset, guaranteed income stream, protected by an American National Business Trust (Single-Premium, Immediate Fixed Annuity).  Because it is transferable (at any point) you can assign the income stream to family or friends to cover their electric bill, college fund, or any account of your choosing.


4) Every solar panel is insured at the job-site for fire, damage, theft, and general liability; so that your guaranteed annual return is protected.  Click here for additional insurance information.


How Many Panels Do I Need?

Wondering how many solar panels you would need to offset your currently monthly electric bill?  Yes, solar panels have an initial cost … and after roughly 9+ years you would reach a break-even (payback) point … and after that your solar panels would continue (30-40 year expected life) to be one of your most secure highest returning investments.

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For Example: If your average electric bill is $40/month or $480/year … you would need a total of 7 solar panels to say goodbye forever to your electric utility company.  You would buy 7 solar panels ($700 each) for $4,900.  You would receive $484 per year for the life of the solar panels (that would be $14,520 after 30 years).

We can write you a check or we can send the payment directly to your utility company.  You are no longer chained to a utility that thanks you for your money by demanding more.  You now have a choice … you can have NO ELECTRIC BILL.

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