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Meet Driver Demand with Latest Green Amenity for 21st Century Communities

Improve your curb appeal and your property value!

SemaConnect makes it easy to add smart EV (electric vehicle) charging stations to your apartment or condo. Whether you want to deploy a couple EV charging stations or an entire network, SemaConnect makes it simple to manage. We provide the smart charging stations, the network and reporting and metering. We even manage driver sign-ups and billing. Then we remit station revenues to you, the station owner.

Provide your tenants with the latest green amenity without the headaches!

Apartments can now provide renters with EV charging as a service:

  • Attract the best renters
  • Increase average rent
  • Provide your tenants with the latest green amenity
  • Stay ahead of emerging state and city regulations
  • Make a sustainability statement and add towards LEED certification

Condos can now provide EV charging as a service:

  • Provide condo owners the opportunity to upgrade the property
  • Improve the attractiveness to home buyers
  • Increase your value as a sustainability leader
  • Comply with HOA laws and building standards

Personal and Shared Parking

Whether your property has shared or assigned parking, SemaConnect has the perfect solution to offer EV Charging as a service to your residents.

The Series 5 – Personal Parking

Specific to the multifamily /fleet application and designed for one driver with a dedicated parking space. Supports monthly billing with three preset pricing plans: Flat Monthly, Flat + Energy Usage, Flat + Energy Flow Time.

  • With the SemaConnect Personal EV Charger, users will be able to charge their cars right at their assigned spots
  • The SemaConnect Network allows you to easily manage EV Charging Stations and assign to tenants
  • Drivers pay a monthly fee for their charging, plus the cost of electricity and parking at their designated spots
  • Cable management system is optional

View Series 5 EV Charging Station

The Series 6 – Shared Parking

Shared is the most flexible and allows for multiple users and groups with the ability to set hourly rates. This charging station is ideal for multifamily shared use, workplace, retail, hospitality, and public sector parking.

  • Easily implement desired pricing policy: Duration-based (hourly), Time-of-Use, and kWh Pricing
  • Easily establish desired access policy for public, private, or multi-group access
  • Sharing features include real-time availability, charging status and alerts/notifications / waitlist features
  • Cable management system is optional

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