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The Green Power Guy (GPG) trains people to advance their careers and be better sales professionals through their award-winning in-person on-site training programs.

GPG is disrupting the sales training industry and turbo-charging the success of individuals and organizations around the world. GPG improves real-work skills – and lifelong learning for the modern world.

GPG sales training is transforming the way companies go to market with their products and services. Sales drives a multitude of trickle-down benefits in the economy, and is now the second hardest job to fill in the United States.

Each of our offerings delivers insights and skills that make attendees more successful the very next day. We simplify training initiatives by not only delivering the course content and materials, but also providing supporting services as needed. We aren’t your typical sales training firm. Our curriculum artfully combines instruction on professional selling, financial analysis, and segment-specific business acumen.

Wish your salespeople could perform better? Stop wishing and start training! How would it impact your sales results if you could move your C players to B players and get your B players to close deals more quickly and efficiently mirroring the success of your A players?

Maximize your Sales Team Effectiveness: The GPG sales training program is real world tested and is customized based on your company’s best practices to provide measurable impact. By conducting sales team training with GPG you will improve your sales team performance.

Many of our clients have experienced the following benefits from our sales training program:

  • Increased revenues and profitability
  • Increased market share
  • Improved customer retention levels
  • Increased sales per customer
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Faster sales cycles
  • Improved employee retention
  • Decreased turnover
  • Accelerated learning curve of new hires

Our Sales training programs play out much like an athletic team practice session, where sales people and sales coaches learn, practice, and master the effective best practices of your company’s top performers.

What you can expect:


Playbook:  We develop a customized curriculum for every training, and a guide that includes your company-specific best practices and useful sales tools.  The guide serves as the sales team member’s official playbook that can be referred back to often for reinforcement after the sales training course is completed.


Fundamentals and Best Practices:  Training program participants practice various client-specific scenarios and practice real-life situations to improve sales skills such as building rapport, setting a sales meeting agenda, asking questions, overcoming objections and closing sales.


Practice:  As segments of the sales training program are completed, sales team members relentlessly drill new best-practice behaviors, so that great sales skills become part of their DNA.


Top Down Commitment:  As part of the Sales Training Program, Sales Managers learn how to reinforce the best practices to ensure lasting execution.


Scoreboard:  After training is complete, we can help you measure your results, stay the course, and keep your sales force on track.

Request A Quote For Custom Training:

The Green Power Guy Team can meet your custom training needs, from a single keynote address to a full calendar of educational offerings, complete with support services. Post-training success reports provide quantitative and qualitative evidence that attendees leave informed, engaged, entertained, fired-up, and ready to take action.

The most effective training is one that is tailored to the audience’s needs, delivers actionable learning, features memorable examples to anchor key concepts, and provides templates to ensure that best practices will be applied.  Each of our offerings delivers insights and skills that make attendees more successful the very next day.  We simplify training initiatives by not only delivering the course content and materials, but also providing supporting services as needed.  Examples of custom training include

  • A keynote presentation at your national conference
  • Private sales training for your staff
  • Customized training for your trade allies
  • Online training branded and/or modified for your organization

All of our standard courses can be modified to fit your unique needs; we often tailor the content to varying lengths and audience types.

The Green Power Guy Can Help Unleash the Sales Potential of Your Team

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