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We continually seek to build upon our 20+ years of sales mentoring, coaching, and training.  Whether you are looking for successful sales techniques, tips on sales prospecting, conducting a sales meeting or how to get the most out of your sales training programs, our Sales Insights will provide you the knowledge you are looking for.

If you’re an executive in charge of salespeople, a sales team leader, a sales manager, or a salesperson, selling is more than just business; it’s life and death. So how do you improve your performance and that of your sales team?

Commissions and bonuses might get your salespeople working harder, but if they don’t have the latest ideas, tools, and training it won’t matter. The key to improving sales is in leading and training your people to excel. Sales teams, just like sports teams, need a good coach to reach their full potential. They need inspiration and motivation, the best tactics and lots of practice. It’s your job to give it to them, and The Green Power Guy’s sales management training will help you.

Sales Coaching for Managers is sales management training specifically designed for team leaders who want to take their organization’s performance to the next level.  Our sales management training program will engage your team by focusing on the following:

  1. The role and best practices of a coach.
  2. Developing and executing a game plan for yourself and your sales team
  3. Improving top sales performers and getting rid of under-performers
  4. Implementing best practices from top sales managers
  5. Providing feedback, motivation, and inspiration for your sales team
  6. Transferring the skills of top performers to everyone else
  7. Creating an environment that encourages improvement and performance
  8. Developing your skills as a sales coach and leader

The business of selling is changing:  The best salespeople already know all the tricks of the trade, and the best organizations are shifting their focus from the art of selling to the art of training and coaching their sales teams. Green Power Guy’s sales management training program gives sales managers and sales leaders specific tactics, step-by-step guidance, and cutting-edge insight on leading their teams to a higher level of performance

Professional Sales Training

The Green Power Guy’s customized sales training programs have been forged on the anvil of over 35+ years of real-world experience.  We don’t over-complicate the sales process with high-drift theory and overly complex models. Instead, our sales training programs will arm your salespeople with commonsense selling skills taught in a way that will guarantee you a return on your investment.

Our high-energy action packed sales training program is real world tested and customized based on your company’s best practices to provide measurable impact.

Sales Management Training

The success or failure of your sales team (AND any sales training initiative) is ultimately in the hands of your sales management team.  Our sales management training programs are geared toward providing sales managers with the sales coaching skills they’ll need to get measurable improvement from your team. Successful sales management is a skill that when practiced correctly, becomes an art.

Proven methodologies to maximize your organization’s sales performance and profitability. Our enterprise solutions are client-specific and will teach you how to transform your service organization into a sales organization.

Sales Assessments

Identify top-performing salespeople and sales managers before you make the hire. Hiring managers responsible for sales recruitment are consistently amazed at how predictive these tools really are. By leveraging The Brooks Group’s sales assessments as part of your selection process, you’ll virtually eliminate sales turnover and realize faster new sales hire time-to-productivity.

The Green Power Guy Can Help Unleash the Sales Potential of Your Team

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