Consulting Prices … Modules

Our clients work with one flat, known, fixed price.  No adders, hidden fee’s, or change-orders.  It is a firm number that is dictated by the extent of the scope of work and duties requested and performed.  With an average completion time of less than 21 calendar days per module, your business quickly benefits from specific measured results based performance.  You have 3 different options of how you can get started.


Should I bring it in house?

You might be thinking that it’s smarter to hire staff to handle this yourself.  This is a “yes and no” answer.  YES, For things like social engagement (tweeting, Facebook, blogging) I do recommend in house resources.  No one knows your business like an employee and this is an area where tight control over content can be essential.  And, also … NO, because a consultants fresh pair of eyes brings a broader perspective to Sales Training, Competitive Profile Matrix, Operational Strategy, and Production Improvement helping you better assess the environment and plan strategies for success that your team can implement.

It’s cheaper to do it myself

Do It Yourself  is a malady that can become a chronic disease for entrepreneurs.  Whether you’re just starting a business or you’re simply trying to squeeze the most from every penny, it’s easy to think, “that’s easy, I can do it.” And you can … But will the results really be what your business deserves?  Is it really your greatest strengths?

DIY  is often slow and slightly off target. It may be good, but usually it’s not great. And it comes with a huge opportunity cost. What would you be doing if you weren’t trying to figure out how to get your site to the top of the search engine rankings? Maybe you’d be closing new business or working on a new product idea.

Instead, there you are pulling your hair out, trying to do something you know you can do, but probably shouldn’t. Think about it…

  • If you loved writing copy, you would have been a copywriter.
  • If you were passionate about sales training, you would have chosen that field.
  • And you would have been damn good, We’re sure.

But you didn’t.

So hire someone that did and reap the rewards of their passion and expertise. Think about the value of your business.  What will it take to realize the Return On Investment?  Often, it’s as little as two new customers.  Keep your perspective and invest in your future strategically.  Now is the time to click here to get started.