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Reduce your fuel costs and make sure your vehicles are charged 100%

Reduce your fuel costs and make sure your vehicles are charged 100%

Streamline Your Fleet Operations and Reduce Your Fuel Costs

The Edison Electric Institute estimates that by 2030, the United States will have 18.7 million electric vehicles on the road. That’s 7% of the 259 million vehicles expected to be on U.S. roads that year! Of those 18.7 million EVs, McKinsey analysts estimate that around 8 million will be fleet vehicles. That means that in less than 10 years, your company will likely have an electric fleet or will be planning one. It also means that you’ll need smart fleet charging systems to help you manage your fleet vehicles.

SemaConnect, the leader in smart charging solutions, makes it easy to charge your EV fleets and make sure they are ready to go. Smart charging for your fleets ensures that you have all the information you need in a smart dashboard, including detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset, fuel savings and more. Keeping your electricity costs down.

Cities and municipalities have the potential to lead the clean energy charge more so than any other institution. Over 80% of Americans now live in cities, and electric vehicle sales have been rising across the globe each year. As the number of EVs on the road grows, the need for cities to buy electric vehicle charging stations grows too. The link between local governments and the electric vehicle/EV charging is present now more than ever.

The growing electric vehicle economy gives cities with the chance to market themselves as leaders in sustainability and green transportation. By installing electric vehicle charging stations in their communities, cities can provide a valuable service to EV driving residents and visitors. These charging stations can even be used to help revive certain areas of your city. What was once an old, unused parking lot can soon become the go to spot in town EV charging.

Since buying EV charging stations is cheaper than other large-scale government projects, cities can achieve their sustainability goals without draining their finances.

Why Should Cities Buy EV Charging Stations?

Here are just some of the benefits:

Improving property values

Encouraging green businesses in the area

Tapping into a long-term revenue stream

Providing a valuable service to local and visiting EV drivers

Improving the overall sustainability of a city

Measurable reductions in carbon emissions


Wireless Technology

The Station communicates with the software and produces real-time data.

Interactive LED Lights

Quickly identify the station status:  blue is available, green is charging, and red detects a ground fault.

Backlit LCD Screen

Easy reading for costs and station status.

Rugged Aluminum Enclosure

Prevents damage from nature and natural elements.

Smart Card Authentication

Open or closed access available for EV Drivers.

Pay with PlugShare

Find stations, start, and pay for charging through the most widely used EV app.

J1772™ Plug

Charge all new electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles including Tesla.

Optional Cable Management System

Keep your charging station cables clean and organized.


Energy efficiency helps you save money

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