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Assure you have the electricity when you need it!

Portable battery backup power in a self contained, plug-and-play, solution allows you to use your appliances when your local electric utility company is not available.

Our GPS Portable Power solutions are designed plug-and-play to provide power for your campsite, home, or business.  It is an ideal solution if the electric company is not sending you the electricity you need and require.  Keep critical loads like lights, refrigeration, fans, and communications running in emergencies.

Green Power Systems is proud to provide our clients with a broad spectrum of alternative energy solutions that now includes Portable Power.  By combining our outstanding product lines with in-depth knowledge, support services, online live training, and personal customer service, you can be assured that GPS is your best choice.

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These systems also work great at remote event sites (sporting, entertainment, etc.) that need electricity for lighting, computer, sound, and video systems. These portable power units are essentially small off-grid green power systems powered by solar electric panels.

Portable Power Emergency Kits:  A portable power solution aims to give you the electricity where and when you need it the most.  From smartphones to lighting, sound, audio, or video equipment, and everything in between, as a gas-free generator for any situation. Whether you’re working, playing, or experiencing a power outage, our two panel 500 watt Portable Power Kit offers the energy to get the job done. Silent, safe, and easy to use indoors or out.  It truly is clean, green, self-sustaining power generation when you need it the most.


Now you can … Power lights, appliances and other electronics … with no noise, gas or fumes.

Developed as an emergency source of power, this advanced solar energy generator provides zero-emission battery backup power without relying on the use of volatile fuels such as propane or gas. Featuring two 100 watt mono-crystalline solar panels, the energy generated by the charging system is used to charge a 2000 watt battery bank, which can (depending on the size of the unit you choose) keep an item such as a refrigerator running for up to four days, a television for up to 35 hours and a laptop for 30 hours, once it is charged to full capacity in 20 hours.


How It Works:  1) The first step is to collect power from a solar electric panel or to plug the battery unit into a wall outlet to start the collection of power.  2) Once your portable power pack is all charged up, you can use it just like you would a standard electrical outlet.  3) The power you have collected in the storage batteries can now be used to power or recharge most devices.

What It Powers:  depends on your equipment but you can expect it to power about 400+ 3 watt energy efficient light bulbs, or 20+ laptop recharges, or 12 hours of 32″ LCD TV, or a small refrigerator for 20+ hours … or some combination of the above or other standard household appliances.  It is all interrelated as it pertains to consumption of the total appliances … per hour.

Now you can have power for USB, 12V and AC powered devices like:

12V HeaterFridgeDesktop Computers
DSLR CamerasLights…thousands more
Note: Charges are based on averages and most popular devices.

Each all inclusive plug-and-play kit INCLUDES up to 90 minutes of live video conferencing with you to make sure you know everything you need to know.  We will do this via Skype, Join.ME, or any other video conference calling method (on your computer, pad, or phone) to get this completely up and running for you.  60-90 minutes is usually all that is needed if you have no technical or electrical background.  After that set-up usually takes less than 5 minutes (We will also send you a quick step-by-step set-up chart).

Backup ModelOutputWatt HoursVolts# of BatteriesSolar PanelsPower SupplyPart NumberPrice
GPS Backup 500500 watts1,295120VAC2 UPG UB-GC2TwoGrid/Generator/Solar Panels144080$1,295
GPS xPower15001,500 watts3,400120VAC4 UPG UB-GC2Optional Add OnGrid/Generator/Solar Panels144081$2,795
GPS Refrigerator Backup2,000 watts4,200120VAC8 UPG UB-GC2TwoGrid/Generator/Solar Panels144082$4,021
GPS xPower 25002,500 watts6,000240VAC8 UPG UB-GC2Optional Add OnGrid/Generator/Solar Panels144083$5,095
Add Solar to Your Backup and Take Advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit.  Adding solar panels to your Back-up Power System that is plugged into your home or office qualifies the system for a Federal tax credit of up to 30% off total cost.The addition of solar panels to your Back-up Power System allows you to re-charge your battery bank when power lines are down and when obtaining gasoline for a gas generator is impossible or undesirable.  Replace your gas generator with a solar generator!
Backup 2500$5,095
Utility Add-on$549
30% Tax Credit-$1,693
After Tax Credit$3,951

The Backup Power systems below include 4 or 8 batteries which can be charged any convenient electrical outlet by provided electricity when neighborhood power is working or or by solar panels.  All Pre-wired & Pre-tested (prices do not include taxes, shipping, or handling).

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