Where Will The Solar Panels Be Located?

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GPS builds and co-locates our Community Solar Panels through guaranteed easements with local businesses and properties who will sign a 25 year power purchase agreement to buy the kWh’s that the solar panels produce.

OFF-SITE:  We can offer this program to households nationwide since GPS monitors and maintains the solar panels OFF-SITE so that you never have the cost or hassle of moving or relocating the solar panels.

COMMERCIAL:  Our commercial and industrial division offers sustainable renewable energy business solutions to clients nationwide.  We sell discounted solar electricity to building owners, saving them 20% on their power bills (compared to their electric utility).  Our existing projects are generating 12-15% pre-tax leveraged returns (calculated via internal rates of return, or IRR).  We’re happy to share the financial pro-forma models and provide full transparency.


Our commercial division also offers business customers the opportunity to reduce their CO2 emissions footprint by purchasing carbon offsets or Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s).  We are not geographically constrained, so a business can be located in one state and benefit from some or all of the programs in a more progressive state.

ON-SITE:  In May 2012 GPS launched our buy-back program, which credits customers with renewable generation facilities on their homes for excess energy their facility sends back to the electric grid.  So if you eventually want your solar panels moved to a specific location … yes you can!

Who Uses Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is purchased and used by a wide variety of prominent organizations, including small businesses, Fortune 500® companies, local, state and federal government agencies, and a growing number of colleges and universities. The following table highlights the top ten users of renewable energy electricity within the United States.


The below infographic ranks the Top Solar States based on solar capacity installed in 2014. It also includes the number of megawatts installed per state, number of houses powered per megawatt of solar added, and fun factoids for each state.


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