Sustainability Features

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All of our services have three main components, we:

  1. Identify energy saving opportunities,
  2. Accurately quantify the energy, cost and green-house gas savings, and
  3. Communicate this unbiased information to our clients.

Whether at the beginning, middle or end of a project, whether training staff, evaluating a building or assessing a specific piece of equipment, the above three fundamentals are always present. In all cases, we provide custom solutions to our clients.

Sustainable = Economical

Green Power Guy promotes sustainable material and energy use. Ideally, closed material loops would be powered by renewable energy through ultra energy-efficient processes. We assist companies in making economical, sustainable first steps toward this vision.

Green Power Guy engineers are energy efficiency experts, and work with clients to identify the energy, material and cost savings opportunities. We are located in Los Angeles, California, and we serve the Southwest and surrounding areas.

Expert advice at every point in your energy management process.

Unbiased, expert technical advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy is fundamental to everything we do. We are motivated to see real savings achieved for our clients. Our role as owner’s advocate encompasses many of our traditional services including:

  • Energy audits and/or energy plans (Identifying projects; quantifying energy, cost, and emissions savings; utility rate analysis)
  • Utility rebate applications
  • Other financing applications (government tax incentives, grants, or loans)
  • Development of Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Engineering design review
  • Equipment specification review
  • Installation evaluation and equipment functional testing (commissioning)
  • Operator training
  • On-going measurement & verification
  • Power-purchase agreement (PPA) review

Energy Audits | Assessments

Maximize your return-on-investment with Green Power Guy.  Typical findings often reduce energy costs by 10% to 30% at an ROI of 50% or more. Green Power Guy provides all levels of energy audits – ASHRAE Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 – for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. For most facilities, a walk-through or Level 2 energy audit is appropriate. Learn about which audit is right for you from our process, described below. Energy audits are the first step towards energy use reduction. They provide a baseline of energy use and an itemized list of actionable energy efficiency measures.

Expect to achieve a return-on-investment (ROI) much greater than any other return for your money. We identify between 10% and 30% cost savings for our clients, with a typical facility capable of 20% savings. Our clients then commonly achieve a combined simple payback of about 2 years. That’s a 50% ROI, and we wager much, much better than any other investment you can find! The key to achieving this magnitude of savings and return is the same as with traditional investing – expert knowledge and no conflict-of-interest.

Technical Assistance

Energy use is one of the highest costs of any project. Why ignore it? Bring it into the design process.

Life-Cycle Costing and Focused Assessments

Green Power Guy offers Life-Cycle Costing to evaluate focused energy projects. As part of this service, the annual and lifetime energy use and costs are quantified for specific upgrades or retrofits. Energy use and costs can be evaluated for several different equipment or system options.

Design and Specification Consultation

Identifying opportunities and quantifying energy savings are only the first step towards realizing those savings. We have found that ‘efficient’ systems are often designed inefficiently, or that equipment is specified with inefficient features. For this reason, Green Power Guy offers consulting services at these stages of a project. A small level of involvement by our team often results in significant avoided energy usage.

Federal, State and Utility Incentives

Green Power Guy assists clients in assembling funding packages, whether through utility rebates, Loan programs, Federal tax incentives, US Department of Agriculture grants or green-house gas (GHG) emission credit trading.

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Energy Efficient and LEED Commissioning

Commissioning should be more than just a buzzword – it should reduce your energy use and costs. Do it right, not cheap.

For many facilities, especially commercial buildings, significant energy savings are achievable by evaluating equipment operation. Verifying that existing equipment is operating to the design intent, and optimizing existing equipment performance for a specific building is referred to as ‘Commissioning’ for new buildings and ‘Re-commissioning’ or ‘Retro-commissioning’ for existing buildings.

We have led or participated in several commissioning and retro-commissioning teams, and have conducted numerous post-installation inspections of energy-efficiency measures. We have successfully completed many Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning projects for buildings obtaining LEED certification.  We view commissioning as important service that should pay for itself in energy cost savings, and for our projects it has.

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Enterprise Sustainability Services help you achieve reductions in:

  • Your operational costs
  • Energy consumption
  • And, ultimately, your carbon footprint.

Using our sustainability framework, organizations are able to reduce their energy costs by an average of 32% within the first 12 months – with no additional capital expenditure.  GPS will apply expert knowledge and environmental expertise to help formulate a sustainability strategy that is right for you. This means linking your environmental objectives together with your business goals, to deliver true sustainability.

From benchmarking to business strategy, we work with you to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, providing valuable insights into your business environment – supported by a business case and portfolio of programs.

We follow a straightforward, step-by-step process that requires a minimum investment of your time. First, we assess your specific business needs and desired results:

  • We model your facilities using appropriate tools, and data templates, and conduct interviews or surveys with key stakeholders and management
  • Then we analyze your energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions to create a baseline
  • Next we use comprehensive, scenario-based data analysis and data-modeling to identify areas where you can quickly reduce costs
  • Finally, we develop a long-term strategy for more efficient use of assets, maximizing ongoing cost savings.

Giving you a competitive advantage in terms of innovation, efficiency, reputation, and performance.

With our proven track record in tangible benefits realization, combined with our deep environmental experience, we are the perfect partner to accompany you on your journey towards sustainability.

Sustainability Framework

Our Enterprise Sustainability Services consist of a five-stage framework to identify, evaluate, commit, measure and realize your business decisions.

Framework for facilities aligning

  1. Review enterprise Value (strategic alignment)
  2. Assess resource usage (existing facilities and infrastructure)
  3. Strategy development
  4. Optimize function (business transformation & change)
  5. Realize the benefits

Our experience

  • We support your organization from the basic concept right up to implementation
  • We are the recognized experts for addressing renewable energy options, climate change, and sustainability
  • We are focused on delivering strategic responses, not short-term results
  • We take pride in our own environmental measures and leverage this expertise in our work with you
  • We are expert integrators and bring together the best partners to address your needs
  • When it comes to benefits realization we wrote the book.

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