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The solar energy (Photovoltaic or PV) system can produce electricity without the use of any type of fossil fuel. Thus it does not discharge any toxic fumes, noxious emissions, or anything. That’s why we call it a “Green Power System”.

We know the decision to bring in a service professional can at times seem overwhelming. That is why we have worked to simplify the process and make the experience fun, educational, and rewarding. A site survey and energy analysis are great ways to get you the answers to your questions quickly and efficiently … as well as help you save money and hedge against future rate hikes.

Our solar consulting and development services are designed for large or small organizations, and developers considering a solar installation from 50 kW (200 solar panels) up to 5 MW (20,000 solar panels).

We provide you with direct access to our 42 years of experience developing solar PV and help you evaluate whether your solar project is financially viable—without requiring you to take on large development risk.

We are capable of conducting detailed site discovery services that will determine if your site is ideal for solar. We also identify challenges you may face in development, and recommend a solar technology that is best for your site.  Through the  feasibility-phase, you get the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time, which mitigates risk and reduces your overall development cost.

Our suite of consulting services can take your project from site discovery to completion. We offer services in a standard package or a la carte. From investigating site feasibility to conducting a Request for Proposals (RFP), to completing a conceptual design, to evaluating and recommending finance structures- we will give you the knowledge you need to make the decisions on how best to move your project forward. Our approach is objective and data driven and should you decide to move forward to construction we can perform as an owner advocate to ratify procurement contracts, manage the construction under a multiple prime structure, and provide quality control and commissioning services.

Our feasibility services include the following:

»Investigation of Goals
»Material Recommendations
»Energy Usage Analysis
»Cost EstimateSite Analysis
»Technology Analysis
»Project Finance Options
»System Layouts
»Solar Panel Production
»Environmental Impact
»Electrical & Mechanical
»Project Pro-forma
»Cash Flow Analysis
»Potential Challenges
»Logistics & Risk Mitigation

During the feasibility stage, our goal is to determine if your project can be built and financed. Feasibility studies are the foundation upon which all subsequent stages are built. Working with experienced PV professionals on the front-end can save you development capital later on.Our client-centric approach starts with a frank conversation to identify project goals and expectations. Once we know where you want to end up, we can customize our approach to get you there. Our team is able to offer services by unit or as part of a standard package. We will work with you to get the reports and deliverables you need to evaluate the project potential.