Residential Solar Financing | How It Works

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Enjoy a simple path to solar power

The faster your Green Power System is installed and generating power, the sooner you’ll see savings on your energy costs.  Take the first step toward solar savings.

The solar process shouldn’t be complicated. By partnering with professional installers in your area, we’re able to provide you with responsive service tailored to the local community and your specific needs.

This boots-on-the-ground approach to business sets us apart from other solar providers. But most important, it helps get your system up and running as quickly as possible.  GET STARTED NOW


Consultation:  Request a quote, and we will evaluate your home for potential solar savings and generate your custom proposal.


Agreement:  Sign your solar service agreement to lock in a lower rate for clean power. We will contact you to go over the agreement terms and other important details.


Design & Installation:  We will design  a solar system that generates power as stated in your agreement. Your installation will be scheduled once we obtain the necessary permits and approvals.


Inspection & Net Meter:  Your utility company will inspect your home’s solar system and set up your net meter to keep track of energy you consume from the electric grid, as well as excess energy you export to it.


Savings & Monitoring:  Your solar system is generating power, which means it’s time for you to enjoy the savings.  We monitor your production 24/7, but you can also check it by logging in to your online account. Get help any time by calling 855.202.1976.

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