Renewable Energy

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Whether you’re starting your research or have already identified a consulting need, one of our Green Power Systems (GPS) is right for you.  GPS provides Energy Management, Sustainability, and Business Development Consulting Services.

We also provide in-house custom turnkey design, engineering procurement construction (EPC), and management for developers, financial, commercial, industrial, public, and agricultural clients of solar electric panels (photovoltaic PV) and electric car charging (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment EVSE).  We work with you to evaluate, address and simplify your electric needs offering engineering, design, project management, and financing services.

GPS’ impressive and rapid growth has been recognized by clients  who trust our products, our services, and our people to provide high-quality solutions, backed by a strong company.

  • GPS adds experience from their work with other related companies
  • GPS adds more brains to a problem, increasing the chances of finding a solution
  • GPS does the research and analytical work that you don’t have time or resources for
  • GPS represent an outside viewpoint … to look at situations without a personal stake
  • GPS has the expertise and experience you have come to expect and demand

What we do for your businesses

We provide a variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds succeed. These programs form the backbone of our own business; they’ve also enabled entrepreneurs and publishers around the world to grow theirs. Our advertising programs, which range from simple text ads to rich media ads, help businesses find customers, and help publishers make money off of their content. We also provide cloud computing tools for businesses that save money and help organizations be more productive.

One Stop Shop

Our teams of experts takes the traditionally complex planning and purchasing options and turns them into a quick, efficient, and headache-free experience.  Find everything you need quickly and easily to do it yourself or outsource part or all of the solution to our team.

Custom Green Power Systems

We offer complete custom turnkey solutions individually crated to our nonresidential-clients’ needs, using the best cutting-edge technology on the market.  GPS provides full life-cycle application development services. We provide clients flexibility while offering both turn-key solutions and client-led initiatives on-site at client locations

Financing Options For Any Size Project

We offer a variety of simple, hassle free, financing options for customers looking to avoid the upfront costs of purchasing a system on their balance sheet.  So whether your needs are leasing, traditional capital leasing, or direct buy; we’ll point you in the best direction.

Advanced Energy Analysis

We provide customized energy inspection, auditing, studies, and reporting for both new and existing facilities.  Our reports give you a good idea if they are on-track with energy usage, versus.  Our reports typically include a lot of “low hanging fruit”, where the owner has little to no investment to tune-up their buildings, and / or the operation of their buildings to save money.

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