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Monitoring & Reporting (Internet)

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The monitoring of a green power system is a comprehensive web-based interactive system that allows you to track your solar system’s energy output and overall energy performance.

With real-time performance data, the monitoring system is the ideal solution for a commercial customer, government agency, water district, school, military, or agricultural facility.

SunPower Monitoring System for Commercial

The Right Solution for You

The monitoring system offerings vary in terms of measurement, communication options, and hardware features. The different levels give you the flexibility to select the solution that best meets your needs.

Monitoring System Overview

1 – Solar Panels

The solar panels absorb sunlight and generate electricity almost on contact. When solar production exceeds usage, the excess power generated goes back to the grid.

2 – Meteorological Station

The meteorological station measures temperature, wind speed, and more.

3 – Inverter

The inverter converts the direct current power (DC) produced by the solar panels to alternating current (AC), which is used by the utility grid and your facility.

4- Revenue Grade Meter

The revenue grade meter provides a record of energy performance. It is an optional feature that can be added to any of the systems.  The meter is the central processing unit of the system. It is designed to be the key interface with net and sub meters, inverters, and the optional meteorological station.

5 – Web Interface

The web interface provides in-depth details on how your system is performing and how much energy your system is using.

SunPower Monitoring System for Commerical Web Console

Easy Online Access

Internet based monitoring brings all the system monitoring information right to your computer. Accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, the site provides you with statistics on your energy production and environmental savings. You can see how much solar power you are producing right now, as well as historical data by day, month, or year.

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