Media Village Completes 59 kW Solar Electric System

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BURBANK, CA – Gangi Development, owner of Media Village, announced today it has completed a 59 KW solar electric system.

Photovoltaic solar system.   “It’s a very exciting time for us,” says Denise Malobabic, CFO of Gangi Development. “We consider the utilization of solar power critical to our long term energy goals.”

The renewable energy solution was completed by Green Power Systems and is designed to supply approximately 95,000 kilo watt hours per average year. Over the course of its lifetime the system will generate enough clean, renewable energy to offset over 1,900 vehicles.  The rooftop system consists of 220 Canadian Solar Panels with a wattage of 235 watts each.

“GPS is proud to join Gangi in developing this project that will bring clean, fuel-free electricity to their operations,” said Anthony De Vito, president and chief executive officer of Green Power Systems. “Many people consider a solar project strictly an environmental decision however there are also critical business decisions involved. Solar replaces a volatile and rising energy cost with a fixed cost for the life of the system. The incentives available today make solar not only a smart environmental choice but a sound business decision.”

Things fell in line for Gangi this year when they were able to leverage a couple of key events to make the project a reality including a drop in the cost of solar components, increased tax rebates and improved capabilities by the utility companies to accommodate independent energy generators.

“Gangi has demonstrated a real commitment to solar energy systems here in Burbank and throughout California, and hopefully other companies will make the move to do the same on their rooftops,” said Frank Gangi, Gangi Development President. “This latest renewable energy effort is another step forward in The City of Burbank’s energy mission and will help make our city a better, more sustainable place for current residents and our next generation.”

About Gangi Development: Established in 1947 in Southern California, is a three generation family run business known for being able to provide a unique approach by drawing from many specializations in order to fit the need of any individual project.  They work on many different types of projects and in all aspects of the design and build process. Additional information can be found at
About Green Power Systems: Green Power Systems is a leader in the solar marketplace, project managing commercial and residential solar panels through-out Southern California. Utilizing the most efficient solar energy panels, Green Power Systems enables its customers to realize immediate and long-term saving while generating their own clean, renewable power. For more information, please visit www.GreenPowerSystems.ORG