IFTTT (app)

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If This Then That, also known as IFTTT on the web are free web-based service(s) to create links or connections of simple conditional statements, called applets (app). An applet is triggered by changes that occur between some web services and products in our homes and businesses

Sign-ups are now free

Typically sign-ups take the form of Internet-based services where the FTTT requires you to create an account to begin using it. Signing up is extremely straightforward and, because the services are usually free, there is no need to provide a credit card. Simply visit the website and use your email address and you establish an account.


Most things IFTTT do are accomplished through applets. These are tiny programs that you can create which use triggers (the “If’s”) to execute actions (the “Then That’s”). For example one applet might be: “Every time someone larger than a cat passes my front door (if), send a message to my cell phone (then that)” or another one could be “Every time the New York Times publishes a new article in its science section (If), send me an email (Then That).”  It’s important to realize that only companies that have linked up with some type of IFTTT will be available to access via applets. For example, you can now access applets that control, remotely, your homes lights, doors, thermostats, and more.

Because IFTTT has been around since 2011, there are a lot of pre-made applets that many companies are integrating in to their upcoming technologies.  You’ll soon see that your digital assistants can create for you applets for everything from getting out of an awkward situation to finding out when the local ski conditions will change.  Applets will become even more invisible as Sustainable Integrated Technologies become even easier to use.  The IoT revolution is only just getting started.

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