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It is easy being green

Bringing state-of-the-art green products and services to any enterprise is about more than just the latest technology; it’s about changing the traditional business model and tapping into the creativity, intellect, and passion of every single employee. It is much more important for companies to understand the changing trends in business than to just implement the next “hot” green product or service. Companies need to foster the development of new ideas, tap into critical employee thinking and knowledge, and enable the synergy of teams to revolutionize their existing business models and achieve lasting success.

Many of Anthony’s clients request Green Is Good Economic Power, Part I, for their opening or closing session. The keynote address sets the tone for your meeting or conference, inspiring attendees to learn, network, and share best practices. Green Is Good Economic Power, Part II, uses different stories and analogies, introducing new strategies and techniques to reinforce the core message of Part I. It’s an excellent follow up for a subsequent meeting and will leave attendees motivated, inspired, and ready to take action.

The goal of these keynote addresses are to help define what Green Power is in terms of the value it can bring to an enterprise and to relate this to tangible measurable deliverables. For more than a decade, investment in renewable energy has centered on automating internal processes with the aim of reducing costs and improving operating effectiveness to support a business model aimed at delivering ‘more of less’ in largely stable markets.

Today, many aspects of those markets have changed; driven by a deadly mix of Globalization, increasing competition, a shift towards new social networking media as the source of information, as well as stronger demands for localization and customization. What has resulted is a new model — emphasizing ‘do more with less’, connect without face-time, and speed to change in order to compete against these forces. One item contributing to the core of success is the need for cost effective green economic solutions. These sessions will give your staff real world tangible steps they can cost effectively implement immediately.

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