Client Projects

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Client Projects

Eliminate roadblocks in the commercial design processIncrease energy harvest and reduce downtime riskImproved financials means better project profitability and LCOERobust resources.  Anywhere.  Anytime

Limitless Possibilities

There are numerous advantages of using a Green Power System on your commercial property, impacting every aspect of the project lifecycle.

At GPS we specialize in designed systems and supplied components for a myriad of different applications for photovoltaic (PV) components and packaged power systems. To take full advantage of photovoltaics’ reliability, it is critical each system be designed and engineered with the appropriate components. Our business is to configure the best system for each end-user and to provide it at the best price, with the best warranties available.

Residential Applications: that affect the way you live, cleanly powering your urban/rural home.  No job is too large or small as we focus on your specific needs, like powering and bringing electricity to your remote location or simply powering your private well water.

Commercial Systems: applied on offices and factories for powering your companies work and image.   Energy conservation works in hospitals and school facilities.

Industrial and Public: telecommunications, oil and gas, beacons, navigation aids, lights, construction products and other such products and systems for helping industrial.

Agricultural:  includes crop irrigation, oil, gas, and well water pumping stations, lights, farming products and other such products and systems for helping agriculture.

Why rent your electricity???

… When you can own and save $$$

Imagine a world where energy is so clean it causes zero pollution.

… and so simple you hardly know it’s there.

… no sound, no smoke, no CO2 – just pure green power.

That world is here now. That world is solar.

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